Life Lately: April 2016

I have approximately 50+ unfinished blog posts in my draft folder and no desire to finish them. Although it may appear that I have neglected this space entirely the past few months that is far from the truth. I log in every week to catch up on my favorite bloggers and make sure to jot down any blog post ideas whenever one pops into my head. I am still lacking the motivation to blog but I haven’t been lacking the desire to do so. But since I’ve been radio silent lately I figured a quick update was due.

+ As you can tell I butchered the blog design… I tried to install something myself and it didn’t end well.

+ We went on our honeymoon. It was nothing like I ever imagined… in the worst possible way. This story/debacle deserves its own series of posts so please stay tuned. HOWEVER, I will tell you to never visit RIU Palace in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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+ I’m still married. Even after the honeymoon from hell as I can joking call it now after months of mental healing.

+ We survived winter.

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Current mood.

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+ I signed up for Stitchfix. Finally. I have been wanting to try it ever since Erin at Living in Yellow mentioned it months (maybe years?) ago. You simply create an account online and fill out your style profile and then a Stitchfix stylist will look through your profile and mail you 5 items of clothing. You can keep whatever items you like and pay for those items or mail them all back. Visit their website for more information.

+ This summer I plan on tackling a few house projects. First up is re-doing the living room area. I am going to re-carpet and paint the entire room. I have NO idea what colors or theme I want to go with so any tips would be much appreciated. The whole room is a blank canvas so the options are endless which is very overwhelming. Can I paint oak trim white? Or is that not a thing?

+ I joined the world of Snapchat  – follow along: nansee24

+ I just ate a chocolate chip cookie after vowing I would eat only healthy things all day. I lasted 3 hours. *sigh*

+ I signed up for Helene’s e-course MONTHS ago and haven’t explored it yet but I am excited to start that hopefully soon.

+ We’re planning a trip to Chicago this summer and I’ve been browsing Taylor’s blog archives for must see attractions and eateries. Any travel tips?

And I guess that is all for now..



Life Lately – 2016 Edition

Welcome to 2016! I hope you all had a great New Year! I’m going to take it easy today since I’m suffering from the post holiday blues and give you a short update of what’s going on.

– First and foremost – Making a Murderer on Netflix. WHAT?! If you’re not currently watching this PLEASE stop whatever you are doing and go watch this documentary series on Netflix right now. There are no words to describe how incredible it is.

– Working on my sister’s baby shower. She is due with her 2nd child in May and I am over the moon excited. We’re planning a shower for the middle of March with a color scheme of baby blue and gold.

– Starting the 21 Day Fix. Anyone else use this program? It seems pretty legit and straight forward. It’s all based on eating healthy portions of real foods and exercise. I have been uncomfortable in my skin for the past few months and with our upcoming honeymoon in February I wanted to get back on track and tone up so I can frolic carelessly on the beach in a bikini. My only concern is the meal prepping part.. it’s a lot of work.

– Organizing spare rooms that are filled to the brim with wedding stuff. After the wedding I threw everything in totes and boxes and never looked at them again. This weekend I started the process of sorting through that mess but I still have a long way to go. I haven’t even touched our wedding photos yet (sneak peak below.)

– I’m feeling crafty lately. I’m trying to think of something fun to do with our wedding cards. I originally planned on hole punching and binding them together to create a book.. but I think I might want to do something more creative with them. Any ideas?

– Winter has FINALLY hit NEPA. Right now The Weather Channel says it’s 5 degrees outside but feels like -13 so that is kind of soul crushing. Tomorrow doesn’t look much better.

– I finally embraced the world of Starbucks. Hi, my name is Nancy and I’m addicted to Starbucks. Thankfully I don’t live near one because otherwise I would try to live in a Starbucks, work at a Starbucks, marry the founder of Starbucks, and have perfect little Starbucks babies and name them Vanilla Bean Cream and Salted Caramel Mocha. I am alarmed at how quickly my love for them escalated.

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No Ragrets

Is everyone ready for the “New Year, New Me” posts, Facebook statuses and tweets? Good. Because there is nothing we can do about it so we should just embrace it.

I, for one, never follow through on New Years Resolutions. The past couple of years I’ve had every intention to start the New Year as a better person with goals and shit but that typically lasts a couple hours and next thing I know I wake up January 1st wearing nothing but Mardi Gras beads with a slice of pepperoni pizza in my mouth. So it’s safe to say that most new years don’t start out with the most stellar version of myself I’m just going to try to eliminate all possibilities of disappointment right off the bat.

Therefore, I am just going to follow my role model Scotty P’s advice as I enter into 2016 and I encourage you all to do the same.

Baby steps people, baby steps.

But, I am going to leave you with a list of attainable tasks (call them resolutions if you must) I plan to conquer in the New Year.
– Binge watch more Netflix shows (Dexter is currently on deck)
– Find a new type of wine to drink (I’m looking at you Malbec)
– Figure out what “on fleek” means
– Upload my wedding photos to Facebook
– Throw out some stuff (eg. clothes, make up, pantry food from 2010)
– Find out why those ugly, expensive Hunter rain boots are so popular
– Gain enough courage to record a Snapchat video with my voice narrating it
– Learn how to not overcook chicken
– Take down Christmas decorations
– Come to peace with the fact that Scheana from Vanderpump Rules wore a crop top 2 piece wedding gown

Sincerely & Sarcastically,

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And here we are..

And here we are.

Another Christmas has come and gone. And a new year is just days away.

I’m sure you’ve heard this at least 20 times today but – I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. I think I feel this way since I spent the majority of the year stressing and planning for our wedding. But it could just be that I’m older too and the Christmas magic doesn’t affect me as much as it did when I was younger.

I spent Christmas eating too much, drinking more than I thought possible and laughing harder than ever. Not a bad way to celebrate if you ask me.

Merry Christmas 2015; elf, santa, sincerely;sarcastically

Speaking of not being affected by Christmas magic… I lied. I love Christmas. And the fact that Mitch didn’t blink an eye when I asked him if we could dress up for Christmas.

Sincerely & Sarcastically,

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The Bedroom Situation….

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook you may have noticed a trend regarding my posts.

I tend to post the same thing over and over again.

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My shadow. Someone wanted her make up done too.

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My favorite cuddle bug.

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#iwannaholdyourhand #bordercollie

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Moving on.

When we first brought Bailey home we did what any good parents would do – spoiled the shit out of her and fed her lobster.

Well, not really. We waited until last year to feed her lobster. But that’s besides the point.

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Happy Valentine's Day 😍

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This dog is the definition of spoiled and it’s our fault. She goes to work everyday with Paco, I take her for long walks when I get home, she licks our plates clean after dinner, we buy her a new toy or treat anytime we go shopping, every time we go outside to sit on the patio she follows us and if we shut the door in front of her she barks her face off  saying “HEY!!!! WHAT ABOUT ME?!!!” …. you get the drift. We are all constantly together. Which I love. Or should say loved until it started to disrupt my sleep. Because yes – we let her sleep in bed with us.

I guess I should give some background information on her. She was not an easy puppy to train, at first. We tried to crate train her and it was a mess – literally. After many sleepless nights of constant crying and cleaning up the mess in her crate at 3am we decided to put her bed at the foot of our bed and if she got up in the night we’d hear her if she needed to go out. This worked wonderfully so we decided to eliminate the crate completely even if we left her alone in the house. We figured that since she was comfortable and calm in our bedroom that when we left the house she’d just go to our room and sleep instead of tearing up the house or making a mess. This also worked wonderfully. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of our bedroom being her “den” but it was much better than scrubbing carpets and hosing down the crate.

But of course, slowly but surely she started to jump on our bed at night and cuddle up in between us while we slept. It was adorable so we let it happen. But now… it’s not so adorable because I am losing sleep over it.

I have always been a restless sleeper. I wake up numerous times throughout the night and always have a hard time falling back asleep. When Bailey started sleeping in bed she disrupted my sleep more than I thought possible. She kicks and pushes her legs into mine forcing me to curl up into a ball to allow more room for her. It got to a point where I started to push her down and move her over to Paco’s side but she always wandered back to my side.

About a month ago I reached my breaking point. I couldn’t take it anymore and told Paco that we need to keep her off the bed at all costs while we’re sleeping. He agreed and has been really helpful with moving her to her own bed when she tries to jump up on the bed. She’s a smart dog and has already started to sleep in different areas of the house.

But y’all…. I feel guilty. Like badddddd.

I let her sleep in bed for 2 years with us and now all of sudden I’m ruining her routine and making her sleep on the floor. Tell me I’m crazy for feeling bad?

Sincerely & Sarcastically,

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