If I wasn’t afraid that you’d judge me I’d tell you..

If I wasn’t afraid that you’d judge me I’d tell you….. I like to be alone. Sometimes I need a day to myself to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing. Those days are my favorites. I don’t pick up dropped food off the floor anymore now that I have a dog. I justContinue reading “If I wasn’t afraid that you’d judge me I’d tell you..”

Life Lately: I got a face lift!

Hello and Welcome to the new Sincerely and Sarcastically! I thought this space needed a little face lift so that’s exactly what I did. I mentioned before how I wanted to get a new design and I actually followed through on it. I didn’t have to do much research when looking for someone to designContinue reading “Life Lately: I got a face lift!”

Who doesn’t love a comeback story?

Hey… come here often? I sure as hell don’t. Obviously. I’ve neglected the shit out of this space for.. I don’t even want to go back and look but I can assure you it’s been long. Very long. Did I have an excuse? Yeah. I guess. I was getting married and planning a wedding. AndContinue reading “Who doesn’t love a comeback story?”