I’m Afraid of My Baby.

I’m afraid of my baby. Well, not anymore. But there was a time when that tiny human scared me to my core. And when I say “scared” I don’t mean in the scary movie-walking alone in a dark alley-Halloween night-creaky doors-and-shadows kind of scared. Just genuinely scared. The first time I realized I was afraidContinue reading “I’m Afraid of My Baby.”

Motherhood & Things That Make Me Stabby – Part II

Motherhood will completely change you. You will see life through rose colored glasses and develop an immense amount of patience like you’ve never known before. Just kidding.  Lack of sleep and raging hormones might make you a monster. Obviously, I love my baby and would chew the leg off anyone that looked at her theContinue reading “Motherhood & Things That Make Me Stabby – Part II”

The Truth About Pregnancy – Volume 1

Honestly, pregnancy was pretty easy for me. I never suffered from morning sickness and felt really good the majority of the time. My skin never looked better which I absolutely loved since I had been suffering from adult acne for years and it cleared up while I was pregnant- go figure. I only gained 27Continue reading “The Truth About Pregnancy – Volume 1”