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Something must be in the air because I have seen quite a few OG bloggers make an appearance over the past couple months. They all disappeared relatively quickly and I thought this trend was over. Of course, a few stuck around and managed to monetize on their blogs and start a whole new era of sponsored posts, OOTDs, and Instagram Loop giveaways. As with anything- seasons change, crazes end, and the current hot ticket item becomes old. However, there is one trend that has not gone out of style I guess.

Which is writing. 
All of the posts I saw from these bloggers confessed their love of writing and how they missed the act of writing. I think most of them got burnt out trying to keep up with the current trends and quit while they were ahead.

I am thrilled to see new posts from these blogs that I followed for years and it actually inspired me to shake the dust off of my space here on the internet. So much has happened over the past few years and I haven’t shared any of that on here (wedding, honeymoon, new house, and a BABY.)

I thought about deleting all of my old posts and starting over fresh because some of those posts are just downright embarrassing but what fun would that be? So please tread carefully when trolling through my old posts.

So here I am. Currently on week 10 of my maternity leave, covered in spit up, drinking luke warm coffee and reading blogs – not a bad day if you ask me.

Sincerely & Sarcastically,


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