RED LIGHT.. Green Light Blogging.

How many times can someone stop and start the same blog before Blogger tells the person- “No. Just.. no.. please just give up.”  Every time I think of my blog it reminds me of a version of the elementary gym game “red light, green light.” You know that one? A couple years ago I had some momentum but just like in the game someone screamed RED LIGHT and I was caught and sent to the bleachers to be a bystander.

ANYWAY, not going to explain why I haven’t blogged because the reason is simply that I didn’t want to. I thought about it. Wrote down ideas on napkins, post its and the back of my hand when I got a hint of inspiration. But that normally fizzled out before I could ever sit down at the computer. Whenever I did find a tinge of inspo (is that what the cool kids call it now?) I would mess with the blog design and royally fuck it up. See?

The other day I got caught in a “blogger trap” where I started to read a new post from a blogger who had a “You Might Also Like…” section on their blog and next thing I knew I was back in their 2013 archives. I felt such a sense of nostalgia that I went back to my own archives and looked at old posts. While some (most) of them are embarrassing it was fun to look back and re-live some of those posts and moments.

jimmyfallon, awkward,

A couple things I noticed while strolling down the memory lanes of my blog archives:

1) I was much more whitty back then.. or at least I think so.
2) I LOVED GIFS. I used them as often as I could.
3) I can’t believe I never told anyone about my blog besides Paco (and I never actually told him, he kind of just figured it out.) I wish I made it public in the beginning and told friends/family because I feel like I would have done more with it if I was brave enough to share it with them.

So do me a favor if you happen to stumble upon this post – go through a couple of my archives and try not to judge or laugh at my writing. THEN go to your archives and do the same. It’s fun. I promise!

Sincerely and ALWAYS Sarcastically,


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