Thirsty Thursday – Spiked Cherry Cokes

I don’t know about you but when the weather and seasons change so do my drink preferences. In the summer I crave crisp and refreshing beverages while in the fall and winter months I prefer something hearty and flavorful. After browsing through Pinterest I found the perfect cocktail to transition into fall with – SpikedContinue reading “Thirsty Thursday – Spiked Cherry Cokes”

RED LIGHT.. Green Light Blogging.

How many times can someone stop and start the same blog before Blogger tells the person- “No. Just.. no.. please just give up.”  Every time I think of my blog it reminds me of a version of the elementary gym game “red light, green light.” You know that one? A couple years ago I had someContinue reading “RED LIGHT.. Green Light Blogging.”