Life Lately: April 2016

I have approximately 50+ unfinished blog posts in my draft folder and no desire to finish them. Although it may appear that I have neglected this space entirely the past few months that is far from the truth. I log in every week to catch up on my favorite bloggers and make sure to jot down any blog post ideas whenever one pops into my head. I am still lacking the motivation to blog but I haven’t been lacking the desire to do so. But since I’ve been radio silent lately I figured a quick update was due.

+ As you can tell I butchered the blog design… I tried to install something myself and it didn’t end well.

+ We went on our honeymoon. It was nothing like I ever imagined… in the worst possible way. This story/debacle deserves its own series of posts so please stay tuned. HOWEVER, I will tell you to never visit RIU Palace in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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+ I’m still married. Even after the honeymoon from hell as I can joking call it now after months of mental healing.

+ We survived winter.

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Current mood.

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+ I signed up for Stitchfix. Finally. I have been wanting to try it ever since Erin at Living in Yellow mentioned it months (maybe years?) ago. You simply create an account online and fill out your style profile and then a Stitchfix stylist will look through your profile and mail you 5 items of clothing. You can keep whatever items you like and pay for those items or mail them all back. Visit their website for more information.

+ This summer I plan on tackling a few house projects. First up is re-doing the living room area. I am going to re-carpet and paint the entire room. I have NO idea what colors or theme I want to go with so any tips would be much appreciated. The whole room is a blank canvas so the options are endless which is very overwhelming. Can I paint oak trim white? Or is that not a thing?

+ I joined the world of Snapchat  – follow along: nansee24

+ I just ate a chocolate chip cookie after vowing I would eat only healthy things all day. I lasted 3 hours. *sigh*

+ I signed up for Helene’s e-course MONTHS ago and haven’t explored it yet but I am excited to start that hopefully soon.

+ We’re planning a trip to Chicago this summer and I’ve been browsing Taylor’s blog archives for must see attractions and eateries. Any travel tips?

And I guess that is all for now..



3 thoughts on “Life Lately: April 2016

  1. Chicago is great in the summer. Make sure to visit Wrigleyville for the awesome bars & restaurants. Also, the river tours are pretty awesome because you get a different view of the city 🙂


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