If I wasn’t afraid that you’d judge me I’d tell you..

If I wasn’t afraid that you’d judge me I’d tell you…..

I like to be alone. Sometimes I need a day to myself to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing. Those days are my favorites.

I don’t pick up dropped food off the floor anymore now that I have a dog. I just call for Bailey to clean up my mess.

That I starting binge watching TV series on Netflix last November and I haven’t stopped since. Meaning that I’ve successfully gone through 5.. maybe 6 whole TV series with at least 6 seasons per show. It all started with The Following and I’m currently addicted to Friday Night Lights. I’d ask for other suggestions…. but I don’t think that’ll help my situation.

I’m extremely lazy. This has been something I’ve been combating for years and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. In high school and college I called it procrastination but it was just pure laziness.

I have major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.) Which is ironic with the laziness quality mentioned before. I agree to do things because I don’t want to feel left out but then when the thing comes around – I instantly regret agreeing to it. This also pertains to shopping and buying things.

That I use the C word. Yup. That word AND other unmentionable words. It’s my belief that words are just words and people need to stop being so sensitive. I called my car the “C” word today because my coat got caught in the door. See? It’s just a word. Peoples over-the-top reactions to certain words or beliefs is what gives those words and beliefs a bad meaning.

I love the idea of doing stand up comedy. I would certainly choke and run off stage but anytime I listen to a comedian or see one on TV I think it would be so fun to do an open mic night.

Speaking of comedy and inappropriate words – I loved the Broadway show The Book of Mormon. Paco and I saw it a few weekends ago and I thought it was amazing. When I told others how much I enjoyed it I was shocked to hear how much they hated it and were completely offended by the content. To which I wanted to respond with “Get over yourself, C word.” Yes, it was super controversial but I thought it had a good message. Anyway, that topic deserves a post of its own which I’ll work on soon.

I haven’t updated my About Me page yet because I have no idea how to introduce myself.

That I was kind of sad with how easy it was to change my last name after marriage. I assumed it would be a long involved process but it only took about 10 minutes at the SS office. Changing my name felt like changing my identity in a way. Did any one else feel like that?

That I have others to add to this list but I’ll save those so I can have a Part II.

Sincerely & Sarcastically,

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One thought on “If I wasn’t afraid that you’d judge me I’d tell you..

  1. I like it. I like it all. People have sticks in their butts and it is up to people like us to constantly remind them that rude and offensive and a little bad is actually quite funny. The C word is a bad one- the worst for sure. But we do put a lot on words- swears are just so rewarding to say when you need to..! I was just telling my coworker that I'm such a lazy ass and wish I could be better .. Probably not gonna happen. Yes the name change IS a big deal. I quite liked my maiden name but felt shitty for not changing it. It's weird at first but you get used to it. Plus I find it best now that we have a kiddo. It's important for me to have the same last name as my daughter. I had two last names growing up and it was a real pain. Anyways- good 'talk'. Forgot my book at work today and thanks for entertaining me on my break.


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