Why Did You Start A Blog?

What was the reason you started a blog?

I think a lot of blogs start for one of the following reasons:

1) having a baby and being a new mom
2) working a shitty job
3) being completely bored with life
4) seeking a creative outlet

Which one are you?

I started mine years ago for reasons #2, #3 and #4 with a strong emphasis on #2. And yes I chose #2 to reflect shitty jobs on purpose. (Get it….?) Anyway..

I first started exploring the world of blogs back in 2009. I just graduated college, completed an internship and was ready to hit the ground running with an exciting adult career. Instead, I found myself in a job that was nothing like I had ever experienced before. And not in a good way. It was a giant wake up call for little ol’ Nancy because that is where I got my first taste of being taken advantage of and I quickly learned that if you don’t stand up for yourself people will walk all over you.

While I was working there (or as I can now jokingly call it the The Dark Days without rocking back and forth sucking my thumb while crying) I stumbled upon a web page. At first it appeared to be an online journal of sorts chronicling the daily adventures of an Elementary School teacher. I was instantly intrigued. It was VodkaMom.

I browsed through the web page, found other sites and realized that there was a whole community of these online journals called blogs. Mostly from new Moms (see reason #1 above) but also from students, young adults, fashion models, music enthusiasts, etc (see #3 and #4 above.)

And just like that, I created my own account, and then… nothing.

The thing about having a shitty job is that sometimes it breaks you down so badly that you just want to go home and drown yourself in a glass of Pinot instead of pursuing hobbies or trying to better your shitty situation. Or at least that is what happened to me. I felt like I needed a creative outlet but I didn’t have the energy to do it. So instead I wrote sporadically but mostly just drafts and never actually published anything.

I managed to survive at that job for two years before I finally got the courage to find another one. I was confident that I would be happier with this transition therefore didn’t really feel like blogging.

At first.

But I actually did the majority of my blogging the second year into that new job. It was okay at first, much better than the one I came from but I still wasn’t happy. I realized there was no room for growth in that position and I started to become overwhelmingly stressed with the work. To put it lightly, I was miserable. Therefore – I blogged. Not well or consistently but I blogged.

Rewind to this past year. I realized that I needed a serious change. I started to step up my job search game and found one I was really interested in. I applied for it in January. Didn’t get a response until February and didn’t interview until May. I started this new job June 1st and for the first time since 2009 I felt like blogging for a completely different reason. Not because I was bored, or mad, or sad. But because I was overwhelmingly excited about the changes happening in my life.

So what does that mean for upcoming posts? Will I lose my snarky, sarcastic, negative Nancy ways?

Not a chance.

But I am interested to see what #4 Nancy has up her sleeve without #2 and #3 riding on her coattails.

blog, game of thrones, meme

(And no… reason #1 isn’t happening yet. At least not until after the Honeymoon…)

Sincerely & always Sarcastically,

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One thought on “Why Did You Start A Blog?

  1. It is funny how we stumble upon blogs.. I started mine over ten years ago after my step dad passed away. I moved away from my hometown with my mom. My boyfriend dumped me during the move and I had nothing going for me at that time.. so I was really into it. Fast forward eight years and I'm on maternity leave and I was the best I will ever be at blogging. I totally miss the dedication I had for it.. and hope to find it again. Nice work on the new job. It's kind of amazing how we all have the ability to be amazing, to feel amazing.. and it takes time for us to realize it. Looks like you did…! Congrats lady.


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