Life Lately: I got a face lift!

Hello and Welcome to the new Sincerely and Sarcastically!

I thought this space needed a little face lift so that’s exactly what I did. I mentioned before how I wanted to get a new design and I actually followed through on it. I didn’t have to do much research when looking for someone to design this space because I had a few fellow bloggers suggest Erin from Love, Fun and Football and I am so glad that they did. I would recommend her 10x over if if you are ever looking to upgrade your page. She is so friendly, easy to work with and obviously talented. Please go check her out!

Besides the blogs face lift I also got a brand spanking new computer – a MacBook Pro. I have no idea how to use it so I would appreciate any tips or tricks on how to navigate this machine. I’m coming from a hP desktop so you can only image how lost I feel. This is also my first time owning a laptop.. even in college I preferred a desktop so a laptop is just about as foreign to me as it would be to your grandparents.

I haven’t received my wedding photos yet so I’m not ready to jump into that topic yet but the second I get them back I’ll upload a few or 500 of them. But speaking of weddings.. we need to discuss the single most important aspect of a wedding and maybe even the single most important part of any new  marriage..


Just kidding..

But really, I need some suggestions on Honeymoon locations. Paco and I decided to wait until the winter months to go on a trip since we live in NEPA and winters here are comparable to frozen hell so it’s nice to esacpe to a tropical location during that time. I haven’t done much research yet but we want an all inclusive resort and were looking into the Bahama’s or Antigua or Punta Cana.. someplace like that. I originally wanted to go to St. Lucia but what I’ve found for there is really expensive. Plus, I don’t want to spend an entire day of our honeymoon traveling. Any sugguestions on locations or resorts would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!


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3 thoughts on “Life Lately: I got a face lift!

  1. Love the new look, the design is so pretty! I have never been to an all-inclusive resort before, but I am going to one in Punta Cana this winter and I am so excited! Its also on my bucket list to go to the Bahamas as well!


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