Who doesn’t love a comeback story?

Hey… come here often?

I sure as hell don’t. Obviously. I’ve neglected the shit out of this space for.. I don’t even want to go back and look but I can assure you it’s been long. Very long. Did I have an excuse? Yeah. I guess. I was getting married and planning a wedding. And trying not to have a mental breakdown. So that occupied all of my time.

Oh yeah, then in June I left my job of 4 years and started a brand new job. In the mist of planning a wedding. And that aforementioned mental breakdown. It was a stressful summer to say the least. Anyway. I guess I am going to try to post again? I know my track record isn’t the greatest but who doesn’t love a come back story?

On the plus side though I actually have a couple months of post worthy stories now – including the wedding. Which may or may not be your thing but oh well I am going to be post the shit out of it because I didn’t spend a year of planning, worrying and not eating to fit into my tiny wedding gown to not talk about it for at least a couple posts years. But I promise they won’t be boring! For example: we served pizza appetizers and had a “fire breathing dragon” (you’ll never know if I’m lying unless you check back) #winning #won.

I promise I’ll post things other than the actual wedding too.. Like I might talk about the fist fight at my bachelor party or how a groomsman got arrested. Ya know- light, feel good stories.

So let’s take this one step at a time.

First and foremost, I want to get a new design for this space. Like actually pay someone to do it instead of me f’ing around with HTML for hours on end.
Second, I need to catch up on the months of missed posts. I really missed reading up on all my favorite bloggers. I stalked most of them on instagram and twitter.. but it wasn’t the same.
And then the third step will be to write? Right? Right.


Stay tuned.

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