The Salesman Put a Hex On Us

I’ve been wanting to buy a futon for our back bedroom for some time now. But since I’m cheap frugal indecisive lazy, I hadn’t really researched or shopped for one. Until the other weekend. We figured that with the wedding coming up this summer we might have a few guests visiting so an extra furnished bedroom would be nice to have.
We went to a couple furniture stores and looked at several pull out couches, click clacks and futons before selecting a nice oak frame with extra plush mattress. After a bit of haggling Mitch even managed to get a discount and all was well.
As we were walking over to the checkout counter the salesman attempted to make some small talk and asked about us and how long we have been together which brought up the wedding. When prompted for the date I replied with “August 29th!” and he said:

“Oh. Not to jinx you.. but that was my mother’s birthday.”

Okay? I had no idea how to respond so I mumbled a couple words “really ah oh yeah..” And waited for him to elaborate. HE NEVER DID.
What in the actual hell was that supposed to mean? I was completely startled. I looked back at Mitch who gave me a side eye that reassured me he had heard the same thing.
Why would our wedding date being the same day as his mother’s birthday jinx us? Was she some terrible monster? Or the angel of wedding deaths?
That’s been over 2 weeks ago and everything appears to be going okay but I’m not going to lie that the salesman’s words didn’t scare me a bit.
Oh, and that futon we bought? Still haven’t gotten in. Apparently there was an issue with ordering? Or it’s the hex. Not sure. But I’m a bit hesitant to receive this futon now.
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2 thoughts on “The Salesman Put a Hex On Us

  1. Lol, our wedding anniversary is Aug 29th! We celebrate six years of marriage this August. The only bad thing is you are swindled out of a half year anniversary (except for leap years when there is a Feb 29).


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