Things I’m Great At..

I am not a cocky or arrogant person. I like to think I have a realistic understanding of my abilities as well as my flaws which I think is essential for a persons self confidence. Confidence does not come as second nature to everyone and it’s a trait that needs to be exercised so it can reach its full potential. So today I wanted to talk about some things that I am confident even to say that I am great at:

 photo thingsimgreatat_zps28fdjqio.png

  • Picking out the WORST smelling hairspray. I don’t know how I do it but I have this uncanny ability to pick out the worst hairspray ever. I have about 5-6 full bottles of the stuff because the fragrance is awful or the formula is terrible and I’d rather pull on a skunk’s tail than spritz the stuff on my head.
  • Biting my nails. Even if I paint them and put on a coat of the “No-Bite” bad tasting clear coat – I will still gnaw on my nails like a wild animal.
  • Remaining calm. This pertains to all aspects of life. I’m a little tightly wound, to put it lightly.
  • Remembering anything. I have the world’s worst memory. What did I eat for lunch yesterday? No clue. The name of the movie I watched last weekend? Beats me.
  • Ignoring text messages. This just comes natural to me. I will read your message but more often than not I will forget to respond to it.
  • Being a sloppy eater. I always manage to get whatever food I am eating all over me. On my shirt, pants, purse, ears, underwear, you name it. I’m worse than your toddler with spaghetti.
  • Losing my cell phone. If I had a dollar for every time I “lost” my cell phone in my purse, the refrigerator or my bra I’d have enough money to buy a brand new iPhone every month.
  • Overcooking chicken. If you want blackened, rubbery chicken I’m the lady to call for your next barbeque.
  • Road rage. I won’t go into detail because I don’t need incriminating evidence on the internet.
  • Bitching about dog hair. Just ask my fiancé, I am a pro.
  • Burning myself with a flat iron and/or curling iron.
  • Swearing in front of children.
  • Writing sarcastic posts about things I’m “great at” instead of finishing other blog posts in my draft folder.

What are you “great” at?

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    3 thoughts on “Things I’m Great At..

    1. I am SO with you about the text messages! I look at it, and sometimes even respond in my head, then wonder why they haven't replied like 5 hours later – whoops! I definitely bitch about my cats' hair, and have known to beep a little too long while driving 😉


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