Confession Session

Dusk by Jake Givens

I hate Daylight Savings time. 
Typically I love this time of year and looked forward to turning the clocks ahead, but this year I hate it. Sure, it’s still light out at 7pm now and everyone else is ecstatic about it but I could care less. The ground is still covered with 2 feet of muddy grey slushy snow and I can’t enjoy the daylight yet so I’d rather it just be dark.
I keep complaining about my weight but I’m not being strict with my diet.
I have been pretty good about doing my Jillian Michael’s workout video’s all winter and while I feel good about maintaining a regular workout plan, I also think it tricked my subconscious into thinking I can eat chips and cheese before bed.
I put ice cubes in my red wine.
I’m not picky when it comes to alcohol. Tequila shots? Yes, please! Vodka red bulls? Sure! Gin & Tonic? I’d love one! Beer that has been sitting in a cooler all winter and probably tastes like skunk piss? Well, we better not waste it.. You catch my drift? However, for some reason, red wine has not be palatable to me lately. I bought a bottle the other night and I just couldn’t get on board with it. I put a few ice cubes in the glass to cool/water it down. I think that’s a big wine-o no no, right?
I am still wearing clothes I bought for my first job out of college.
This morning when I was getting dressed for work I started to browse through some shirts that have been pushed toward the back of the closet. I nearly gasped when I pulled out a black shirt I wore back in 2009 when I worked at the radio station. Because 1.) That’s sad I still have it. 2.) It isn’t a good quality shirt that should be saved and 3.) I realized I was wearing pants from 2009 as well…. I need a wardrobe update ASAP.
I unplugged my work phone the other day.
I was so busy with e-mails, projects, etc. that I couldn’t handle the constant ringing of the phone.
Baby products freak me out.
I went shopping for a baby shower gift this week for a friend who is expecting her first child and felt so overwhelmed while looking through the registry. This isn’t my first baby shower by any means and I’m no stranger to babies as I have 3 younger siblings but for some reason I kept thinking “holy shit.. babies need a lot of stuff” during this particular shopping excursion. How does a mother learn how to use all of those baby things?
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2 thoughts on “Confession Session

  1. I've been dying for a glass of red wine for a while now but it always gives me a headache so I usually stay away. Now, because I know someone else does it too, I'll throw an ice cube in that sucker and enjoy a glass!


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