Experiments From Nancy’s Kitchen – Introduction

I constantly joke about how I am an awful cook. Truth is, I’m not an awful cook. Or at least I don’t believe so.

The funny thing is that I never HAD to cook. I grew up with a stay at home mom who made the best dinners I’ve ever eaten. You know how students typically gain the Freshman 15 at college? Not me. I was so accustomed to home made cooking that I wasn’t impressed with the mass produced cafeteria food so I didn’t overindulge in food. Booze though.. that is a different story, for a different day.

Even after college I still didn’t have to cook. I lived with Mom for a couple months after graduating and then moved in with Paco who is a Saint and never expected me to prepare 3 course meals nightly. (Although, if he asked I probably would but don’t tell him that.)

Sure, I would dabble with recipes now and then but I never really cared to cook. This isn’t saying that we lived on take out – sadly my town does not offer a wide variety of restaurants so that wasn’t really an option. We ate the typical grilled chicken, hamburger, pasta, mac & cheese type meals but never really tried anything with a difficulty level more than turning on the stove or boiling water. I guess that is when the jokes started about my cooking. Even the dog was afraid. (See below, behind blue car.)

This past year though I have really started to branch out and recreate different recipes I find on blogs and Pinterest and I have to say – I like cooking. I always knew I could do it, I just didn’t really care to try. It was easier to claim “I don’t have time after work to create an entire meal.” or “Well.. it’s pointless to cook for only 2 people..” But recently I’ve come to the realization that I not only like to cook, I really enjoy to cook.

Therefore, I have started a “recipe book” more appropriately named:

I came across the two dishes below from Katie’s blog over at Katie Elizabeth and knew immediately I wanted to try them. Both of them turned out fantastic, if I do say so myself. (Visit this page for other recipe ideas from Katie.)

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Experiment #2. Chicken stuffed peppers.

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Other successfully created Experiments:

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Linguine with white wine clam sauce #bam #voila

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So please, follow along on Instagram and watch me work my way through various “Experiments” in the Kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “Experiments From Nancy’s Kitchen – Introduction

  1. I am always looking for new recipes. I have a blog friend I've been following for over a year and she has some really awesome recipes on her blog. http://www.rhymeandribbons.com Have you considered adding recipes to these pictures on your blog ever? Seriously, I would love love to try making some of those.. the pasta and stuffed peppers look so good!


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