5 Things – Friday Edition: Robots, STD’s and Fake Nails

On Friday’s we’re supposed to talk about 5 things, so let’s begin: 1) Paco gave me this Mophie cell charger thing and I have no idea how to use it. I think it’s a robot. Right? 2) SPEAKING of technology.. guess who signed up for a FREE 30 day Amazon Prime subscription and then forgotContinue reading “5 Things – Friday Edition: Robots, STD’s and Fake Nails”

Experiments From Nancy’s Kitchen – Introduction

I constantly joke about how I am an awful cook. Truth is, I’m not an awful cook. Or at least I don’t believe so. The funny thing is that I never HAD to cook. I grew up with a stay at home mom who made the best dinners I’ve ever eaten. You know how studentsContinue reading “Experiments From Nancy’s Kitchen – Introduction”

Weekending – Superbowl and Snow Edition

This weekend was pretty uneventful which has been a common theme for my weekends during this winter because cold weather sucks and I would rather gargle bacon grease than venture outside in frigid temperatures. Therefore, I typically hibernate and binge watch Netflix and the Food Network on the weekends. Which obviously means – no weekendContinue reading “Weekending – Superbowl and Snow Edition”