Hi All! Currently…

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence over here I’ve just been running around in 15 different directions. Very busy but hoping to jump back onto the blogging bandwagon soon! But until then…

Things I’m Currently: 

Obsessing over: Wedding dresses. I went shopping last weekend, and the weekend before that, and this past Monday and I cannot find anything that feels like “me.” I am so overwhelmed! I’ve tried on every style imaginable and I still haven’t found the one.

Working on: This post. And work related things.

Thinking about: Wedding dresses. Sorry! I can’t help it.

Wearing: Black sweater, Khaki dress pants and leopard scarf.

Anticipating: St. Thomas, USVI!! In less then a month I’ll be sitting pretty on a beach with a margarita and my love.

 Listening to: The printer/copier in the next room.

Eating: Nothing. 

Drinking: Black coffee

Plotting: A way to ask friends/sisters to be bridesmaids. I think all but 1 or 2 know they are included in the wedding but I want to “officially” ask everyone.

Wishing: It wasn’t 7 degrees outside so I could go for a walk. I feel so sluggish lately and I know it’s because of the frigid temps.

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4 thoughts on “Hi All! Currently…

  1. So exciting that you are going dress shopping! Fingers crossed you find the perfect one soon. I have seen a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest of how to ask friends/sisters to be your bridesmaids…might help make plotting a little easier!


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