Hi All! Currently…

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence over here I’ve just been running around in 15 different directions. Very busy but hoping to jump back onto the blogging bandwagon soon! But until then…

Things I’m Currently: 

Obsessing over: Wedding dresses. I went shopping last weekend, and the weekend before that, and this past Monday and I cannot find anything that feels like “me.” I am so overwhelmed! I’ve tried on every style imaginable and I still haven’t found the one.

Working on: This post. And work related things.

Thinking about: Wedding dresses. Sorry! I can’t help it.

Wearing: Black sweater, Khaki dress pants and leopard scarf.

Anticipating: St. Thomas, USVI!! In less then a month I’ll be sitting pretty on a beach with a margarita and my love.

 Listening to: The printer/copier in the next room.

Eating: Nothing. 

Drinking: Black coffee

Plotting: A way to ask friends/sisters to be bridesmaids. I think all but 1 or 2 know they are included in the wedding but I want to “officially” ask everyone.

Wishing: It wasn’t 7 degrees outside so I could go for a walk. I feel so sluggish lately and I know it’s because of the frigid temps.

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Wedding Wednesday – World’s Worst Bride

Disclaimer: I’m going to get a little serious (Sincerely) today so if you don’t want to read the ramblings of a Bride in Panic Mode, please X out and I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.


I am the world’s worst bride.

There. I said it. And that looks worse in writing.
We’ve been engaged since March 12, 2012 and so far I have the following items planned and set in stone:
1) The Groom (duh)
2) The Date
3) The Venue
4) Photographer
5) DJ 
And all of those decisions, besides the Groom, just happened this past summer/fall. More than 2 years after the proposal. We didn’t seriously discuss the wedding until this past summer and that’s when I picked the date. We would “talk” about the wedding in passing before and mention things that would be neat to do for a wedding but nothing was ever set in stone. 
I started to get anxious this past year since everyone kept asking when we were getting married and I had no answer. I would get strange looks of sympathy anytime I responded with “Oh, not sure yet.”  
I kind of always imagined eloping in Vegas but I know our families would still want to be included. And with 2 of my sisters already being bridesmaids in other weddings next year it seemed cruel to ask them to travel for a last minute Vegas wedding and impose ANOTHER expense on them.
I thought of holding out and getting married next year (2016) but once I started “planning” and looking at venues I knew I wanted to do it this upcoming summer. I finally realized that I can’t keep waiting for the “right time” for everyone else to have my wedding. So much could happen in 2 years.. other sisters could be planning weddings, or babies, or God knows what else. If I kept waiting – I knew I’d be waiting forever.
But now..

It seems odd to make a huge deal about the wedding when we’ve been together for so long. Has anyone else ran into this problem? It almost feels childish to be like “OHH OHH Look at me! I’m the bride, finally!” So I’m not. Which I think is making this planning process seem unreal.

And as if that isn’t enough to stress about..

I’m also struggling with the idea/tradition of a wedding party. I feel terrible telling my sisters and friends they need to spend money on a dress, shoes, hair, makeup, gifts, hotels, etc. to be a part of my day. It is such a common thing and even I have been in a wedding and never batted an eye at any of the costs but I understand how expensive life is and I don’t want to burden anyone. Sure, I could bypass having a wedding party, but I want those people next to me that day. Is it common to expect bridesmaids to take on all of these expenses? Am I alone in this thinking? Sure, my potential bridesmaids could say no.. but I’m certain they won’t.
Also, the wedding shower… this is another odd tradition to me. I feel weird about having a bridal shower, or telling people what gifts I’d like to receive. I have been to SEVERAL showers over the years and every time I try to imagine myself in that situation and I can’t. We have been living together for years and while I would love matching kitchen accessories and towels (since I still have some from college..) I feel weird asking for presents. 
Has anyone else felt like this? Especially with the Worlds Worst Bride feeling? Or the wedding party / bridal shower?

VERY Sincerely,

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Holiday Hangover

Can you feel it? It happens every year around this time.

The feeling you get ..

..when ABC Family is no longer playing Christmas movies.

..when you walk into a store and you are so aware of the lack of holiday music streaming throughout the store.

..after the parties and gift giving is over.

.. when you finally sit and relax after rushing around for past month nonstop.

.. when your pants are tight and you know it’s because of the 2 weeks worth of cookies, cheesecake and wine.

..after you take down all of your Christmas decorations and your house looks so bare and boring. 

(Have I depressed you yet?)

This my friends, is called the Holiday Hangover.

During the weeks of Christmas and New Years I am so hopped up on Holiday Spirit that I feel like a college frat boy on vodka/redbull – I’m ready to take on the world. But the weeks following.. that’s the time the hangover sets in.

This Christmas was an odd one and from the other blogger Christmas recaps I’ve read I realize I’m not the only one with this feeling. Christmas came and went quicker than most and I didn’t really get that Christmas-y feeling ever. But, that didn’t stop me from having fun.

Warning: I’m not editing or re-sizing these photos because I’m too lazy. Sorry.

merry christmas santa clause

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails Christmas Claws Christmas Nails

Motocross Shaped Cookie Cutters

Presents Under Christmas Tree

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Puppies box of bones

Wrestling with Dog

And then, in an attempt to start our own Christmas traditions we decided to cook a feast. And managed to turn this:

Beef Tenderloin Christmas Dinner

Broiled Beef Tenderloin Christmas Dinner

Lobster Tail Christmas Dinner

Lobster Tail Christmas Dinner

Lobster Tail Christmas Dinner

Into this:

Surf and Turf Christmas Dinner: Broiled Beef Tenderloin and Lobster Tail

Christmas 2014.. you were great. Looking forward to what 2015 has in store for us!

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A New Year WITHOUT Resolutions.

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years! And I hope your hangover is gone by today, especially if you had to work like me. This year Paco and I opted to stay in rather than go out to a crowded bar or plan a house party and I am so glad that we did. We made fancy salted caramel martinis, ate loaded cheesy nachos and stayed up way too late talking. I couldn’t think of a better way to start 2015.
While I love the idea of a New Year and a fresh start – I hate the idea of starting out the New Year with the added pressure of coming up with resolutions. Therefore, I am not going to make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. Typically my past resolutions involved “losing that last 5 lbs,” or “stop biting my nails!” and in recent years.. don’t laugh.. “Try not to be such a bitch” (I’m a real gem, I promise.)  
As I’ve become older I realize I don’t necessarily need resolutions. These “resolutions” are actually just things that I should be doing anyway without promising myself that I’ll complete them within the next year. But, for shits and giggles here are a few things (not resolutions) that I HOPE to do in the New Year:
– Go on a tropical vacation! (I’m cheating.. that’s already planned but I wanted something to cross off.)– Blog more.
– Plan a wedding without going crazy.
– Plan a wedding without making Paco go crazy.
– Create a “thankful” jar. (Jot down things I am thankful for throughout the year and toss them into the jar to read on days when I’m being a moody bitch.)– Eat healthier and try new foods.
– Practice patience.
– Stop being so hard on myself.
– Stop being so hard on other people.
– Shake up my daily routine of “sleep, eat, work, repeat.”
What are some “things” you hope to accomplish in the New Year?
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