I Didn’t Buy My Fiance A Christmas Gift

And neither did he.

During the past few weeks when people would ask me what I bought Paco for Christmas and I replied with “nothing” I was greeted with a few reactions including:

“Oh”said with a look of horror

“WHY?!”said with a look of horror

“THAT IS SO SAD!”said with a look of horror.

So if you are trying to keep score – apparently everyone thinks I’m a dysfunctional Grinch. Which is not (entirely) the case.

After our long (3 year) engagement we finally decided to plan a wedding, which is set for August 2015. Paco has been working like crazy saving up for this wedding which I appreciate more than even he realizes. And if you’ve never planned a wedding before the only thing you need to know is THEY ARE EXPENSIVE AS HELL.

Therefore, we kind of agreed to forgo the Christmas / birthday / holiday gift exchanges because it seemed like the responsible thing to do. Plus, we’ve been together for so long it seems silly to buy the typical “button down shirt / new purse / house appliance” gifts since we buy that stuff year-round anyway.

Sure, it’s fun to buy things for your fiancé but I’m looking at the bigger picture. And right now that picture is of me in a wedding dress (that I haven’t shopped for yet) with 200 guests (that I need addresses for) watching me walk down the aisle. The thought of trying to figure out the perfect Christmas gift for Paco on top of ALL that, well, quite frankly.. nearly drove me to the bottom of a vodka bottle. So – it was decided – no gifts.

Being responsible is hard…

Wait, who am I kidding?

We PLANNED to do the responsible thing and not buy gifts…

But then..

Then we bought plane tickets and are going to a tropical paradise for a week in February!

I’m going to call it our Pre-Honeymoon.. muahaha.

ST. Thomas USVI Virgin Islands Vacation Pre-Honeymoon

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