Knock it Off, Monday! + Weekend Things

I am in no mood for you Monday. So knock it off.

This weekend FLEW by. I got some shopping done but am nowhere near finished. You know, with only 10 days left and all.. what’s the rush? *eye roll*

I think Bailey’s blog debut went to her head because this weekend she was a royal pain in the ass. Friday she almost got hit by a truck when she darted out into the road. That ruined my whole night. And nearly my whole life because… yeah I can’t even imagine. She spent the rest of the night sulking and sucking up.

Saturday I woke up and promptly turned on Netflix because I found a new addiction. The Killing. It’s pretty good and I need something to occupy my time until The Following starts. I guess it’s safe to say that I am addicted to crime shows.

Saturday night we went shopping and I wandered around the stores mindlessly freaking out that I have no idea what to buy people. What are some good gifts for an 8 year old boy besides the typical Lego’s and remote control car stuff?

Sunday I decided to bake cookies. For the first time ever.Yup,  I managed to never bake a cookie in my 28 years of living. How is that possible you might ask? Well, my mom is an awesome baker and my sisters are too so I never HAD to bake. Cookies just always magically appeared. My cookies turned out “okay” but I guess I just don’t like sugar cookies. Kind of bland tasting to me. Any no-fail cookie recipes you’d like to share?

Sugar Cookie Christmas Cut Outs

Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

Christmas Cookies Sugar Cookies Cut Outs

cookies, sugar, cut out, christmas cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut Outs and Icing

Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

Christmas Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

christmas halloween cookie
I told you.. I love Halloween.

Then we fed Bailey a cookie because we’re bad parents and she got sick and threw up all over. Nothing like ending your weekend by cleaning up smelly dog vomit.

Border Collie Christmas Cookie

Border Collie Christmas Cookie

Border Collie Christmas Cookie

P.S. Paco ate the cookies too and DIDN’T throw up.. so my cookies weren’t the cause of the dog vomit so don’t even….

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2 thoughts on “Knock it Off, Monday! + Weekend Things

  1. Awww poor pup…seems like a rough Monday for her! My heart will always sink when I remember the day my dogs got out of the fencing in the backyard and were nowhere to be found for a total of 15 min. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life! We live on a busy street, so I thought for sure they were going to be run over. I can't imagine watching them almost get hit! 😦


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