I am in a Cult

I have a serious matter that has been weighing heavy on my heart the past few weeks.

And since there is no easy way to say this, here it is: I am in a cult.

It’s serious and embarrassing. At first, I didn’t think it was a cult but I was so obviously clueless. It started out slow but now it’s in full swing and I’m in over my head. I never considered myself much of a “Follower” but I was wrong.

The Following

Okay, so I’m not really in a cult I’m just mildly obsessed with this show. Meaning I watched nearly the entire first season in 2 days. I should be embarrassed to admit that but I am not because this show is perfect. Also, did I mention that Kevin Bacon is in it? No? Well I just did, so go watch it. It’s about an FBI agent trying to catch a serial killer with a crazy cult following.

I never understood those people who got so emotionally invested in a TV show because the last time I was that obsessed with a show was back in middle school when I watched 7th Heaven religiously (#nerd.) But now, it’s safe to say that I am just as obsessed with Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as much as I was with Matt Camden (Barry Watson.)

The whole thing started when I added a few crime movies to my Netflix queue recently and this show popped up on the suggestion page. When I clicked on The Following that morning I figured I’d watch a couple episodes and call it a day. Wrong! I was instantly hooked. Before I knew it, I was 8 episodes in, sitting in my pajamas at 6 p.m. eating luke warm spagettios because I didn’t want to wait 2 minutes for them to properly heat so I could run back to the couch to continue watching….

Binge watching.. it’s a slippery slope. Tread lightly.

The Following; Netflix; FOX

1) Kevin Bacon.

2) The show is unpredictable. You think you have an idea as to what is going on. WRONG. You don’t know shit so don’t even try to figure it out. The whole show is full of suspense and plot twists.

3) The plot. I think the whole premise of this show is a great idea. However, it’s kind of sick and twisted which makes me wonder wtf is going on in the writers heads.

4) The whole show feels like a movie. It’s one of the only TV series I’ve watched that has that “movie” feeling.

5) Did I mention Kevin Bacon?

The third season is set to come out in 2015 on FOX.. so hurry and finish the first two seasons (on Netflix) so you can catch up before then.

Seriously. Go do it.

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