Thanksgiving 2014..

Well well well… December 2nd, eh? How the hell did that happen?

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the only proof I have of that Holiday is the extra weight I’m carrying around my midsection.

I’m not going to do a Holiday recap because quite frankly, I didn’t do much besides eat and drink and I doubt you’d want to read a play by play of how many dinner rolls and glasses of wine I consumed. Also, this morning when I started to write this post I realized I have hardly any photos of our Holiday festivities. I don’t have a picture of the turkey, or the table setting, or the pies, or anything interesting! I didn’t even take a picture of my family when we all went to pick out our Christmas trees on Sunday. I am terrible when it comes to documenting memories with photos. Don’t believe me? Well, take a gander at the photos I did manage to snap over the course of the weekend.

snow storm, binghamton, thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Eve Snow Storm. Work parking lot.

snow storm, binghamton, thanksgiving, mazda
Thanksgiving Eve Snow Storm.

thanksgiving, drinking game, gobble
Thanksgiving Drinking Game.

thanksgiving, stuffing, dressing, sausage stuffing
Thanksgiving Prep – sausage stuffing.

thanksgiving, wine, hangover, thirsty owl winery
Hair of the dog.. day after Thanksgiving.

fireball shot, thanksgiving, shots
Day after Thanksgiving.

fresh cut christmas tree, douglas fir
Fresh cut Christmas tree.

Don’t worry. I’m not planning on quitting my day job anytime soon to pursue a career in photography.

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014..

  1. Shoot, I was really hoping to use you for my wedding photos… guess I'll have to find someone else as equally as talented as you are in the picture taking department ;)P.S. why am I just now finding out about this Thanksgiving drinking game? Next year, this is a must. Especially when it comes to dealing with my family.P.P.S. I drank a lot, too. Isn't that what this specific holiday is about, anyways?


  2. Can you invite all of blogland to Thanksgiving next year so we can partake in that drinking game too?? Looks awesome! Also, I am sorry you had to drive in that weather…there are few things I loath more than driving in the snow.


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