I Didn’t Buy My Fiance A Christmas Gift

And neither did he. During the past few weeks when people would ask me what I bought Paco for Christmas and I replied with “nothing” I was greeted with a few reactions including: “Oh” – said with a look of horror “WHY?!” – said with a look of horror “THAT IS SO SAD!” – saidContinue reading “I Didn’t Buy My Fiance A Christmas Gift”

Knock it Off, Monday! + Weekend Things

I am in no mood for you Monday. So knock it off. This weekend FLEW by. I got some shopping done but am nowhere near finished. You know, with only 10 days left and all.. what’s the rush? *eye roll* I think Bailey’s blog debut went to her head because this weekend she was aContinue reading “Knock it Off, Monday! + Weekend Things”

Guest Post – Miss Bailey Sue Border Collie

I’m taking over Mom’s blog today. No need to thank me. We all know she’s been slacking lately with this whole thing which is ironic since she doesn’t do anything else besides vacuum and complain about pet hair (damn cat anyway…)¬†She has more than enough time to blog, don’t let her fool you. I wantedContinue reading “Guest Post – Miss Bailey Sue Border Collie”