Thankful Thursday

What is it about the Holiday season that makes us (or at least most of us) burst with joy?  We buy gifts for our families, friends and co-workers. We bake cookies. Listen to Christmas music. Decorate our houses. Plan parties. And so on.Wouldn’t life be SO much better if we celebrated like that year round?

Every year, especially around Thanksgiving, we are encouraged to stop and reflect on all of the things and people we are grateful for. I personally love doing that since sometimes I tend to dwell on negative things rather than the positive.

So when the beautiful Katelyn from XO, Katelyn tagged me to participate in this great idea I was happy to oblige!

XO, Katelynn

Here are the details: List a few things that you are grateful for and then tag 10 bloggers and invite them to do the same. Make sure to mention the person that tagged you, and also be sure to let them know you tagged them.

Here is my list.. some sentimental.. some more practical.

thanks, thanksgiving, thankful thursday

1: Family.
Mine is the best.

stick figure family

2: Paco.
He truly is amazing. He puts up with my crazy mood swings, is nothing but supportive and always respects me. There are times when I give him plenty of reasons to tell me to piss off and he never does.

engagement photos, love, nature, engaged

3: Friends.
Although I don’t see them or talk to them as much as I’d like, I am still thankful knowing they are there.

4: Health.

5: Bailey.
I’ve never been responsible for taking care of another living things life and although she’s a pain sometimes I really do love that little pup.

border collie, best friend, let me tell you about my best friend

6: Indulgences.
I know you’re thinking “Gee Nancy, thanks, that’s super specific…” Hear me out.. I am thankful for all of the material things and indulgences I am lucky enough to afford such as: WINE, coffee, chocolate, pizza, a new car, etc. There are so many things that I take for granted and I forget how luck I am sometimes. Allie has talked about that here and it’s a great read.

pinterest, granted, quotes, grateful

7: The Unknown.
Which sounds kind of dark and scary now that I typed it out. But I am thankful for life and all of its adventures. I sort of like not knowing exactly how it is all going to play out.

pinterest; lets be adventurous; quotes

Alright ladies, your turn!

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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I have been MIA from Blogland for quite some time, due to school. ( I took my final for Pharmacology today and I am so pumped to be done!) I wanted to mention and I apologize for not talking about this post at all in any way.. but your blog is looking pretty damn good ! You're really stepping things up and in such a short amount of time.


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