Thanksgiving Food + Other Holiday Things

I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving food (only a few more weeks to go!)

My mom makes the best Thanksgiving stuffing (or dressing if that’s what you call it) in the world. The best. If I could eat it everyday, I would. But I would probably gain 150 lbs. since it isn’t the most figure friendly recipe. She adds ground sausage and 2+ sticks of butter. Butter = Life.

Since I’ve already been thinking about Thanksgiving food like a greedy asshole, I thought I should channel some of that excitement toward other things I am looking forward to this Holiday season.

First and foremost – Family. I love hanging out, talking, laughing and drinking with my family.

vintage, christmas, santa
My Dad loved the holidays.

Speaking of drinking.. I can’t wait to start guzzling down glasses of this fine concoction: Champagne Punch.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade because.. SANTA!

Peanut butter coffee from Tom’s.


Homemade pumpkin pie.

Time off work.

Watching Bailey run around in the snow.

#TBT, border collie, snow
#ThrowbackThursday.. Bailey’s first encounter with snow

Christmas decorations.

Sometimes I forget to put away Halloween decorations.. enter Skull Santa.

Picking out the Christmas tree. (Is my family the only one that has annual fights over the Christmas tree? Don’t worry, I am making sure to bring that tradition into my home with Paco. He loves it.)

christmas tree, hand cut, tree farm

The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Poached eggs, Canadian bacon and mimosa breakfast on Christmas morning.

Mom’s  Christmas cookies.

Champagne Punch.

Watching my nephew open presents. And then playing with all of them because how cool are little kids toys now-a-days?!

Red wine and Harry London dark chocolate.

Ribbon candy and candy canes.

Wrapping gifts.

A Christmas Story marathon on TBS.

Mixed nuts (the ones you buy in bulk and have to crack yourself.)

Spiral-cut “fat” ham (My brother called it fat ham when he was younger because it was thicker than the regular deli ham we would buy for sandwiches.. the name has stuck and we still call it “fat” ham.)

Have I mentioned Champagne Punch?

And last but not least.. wearing these elf ears while we pick out the Christmas tree and embarrassing Paco and my family.

elf ears, elf

 What are your favorite parts of the Holiday season?


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