I can’t believe I’m not in therapy.. Embarrassing Stories.

Helene in Between Blogtober

I’m no stranger to embarrassment. Sometimes I bring it upon myself.

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But the truth is, I embarrass myself daily and usually not on purpose. I don’t know why or how, but somehow I manage to do or say something stupid nearly every day. It’s a gift. #blessed.

When prompted to talk about my most embarrassing moment, I have to be honest, I wanted to skip this because I didn’t want to relive the past and bring up memories I have already buried deep into the back of my subconscious. But I decided to man up and vaguely reminisce about some terribly embarrassing times. You’re welcome.

Where to start?

Well, how about the time in elementary school when I was running outside on the black top at recess and neglected to see the giant kick ball rolling toward me. While running – I stepped on it and it launched me face and knees first a few feet away. I ripped my brand new flower embroidered flared jeans. I cried. A lot. Because I ripped my jeans and not because I was bleeding all over.

One time my friend and I prank phone called random people from the phone book.. and they called back.. and my parents answered. And they made us get on the phone and apologize to the strangers.

There are few times in highschool when I was drinking… beverages not deemed appropriate for those under 21 years of age.. okay I was drinking beer, tequila rose, ice 101 and anything else I could get my little hands on! Sue me! Anyway.. I’ve done some pretty embarrassing things under the influence like… throw up in Paco’s truck and then pass out so he had to carry me home to bed. (He really is a gem for even talking to me still.)

And I guess if we’re talking about embrassing moments I should probably mention the time I peed my pants at the annual hometown days carnival as a kid. On one of the rides.

Or that time I passed out in a dirty clothes hamper at a party…

I’m sure there are more traumatic stories but I think I managed to repress those memories for future therapy sessions that I’m obviously going to need sooner than later.

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