Superstitious vs. OCD – Blogtober

Helene in Between Blogtober

I love this prompt and I can’t wait to read other posts to see how weird people are in comparison to me. Just kidding (No I’m not.) I always considered myself a very superstitious person but now after brainstorming a list of these quirky things I believe in.. I wonder if I just have OCD instead..

Anyway! Back to the topic.

I believe in the typical superstitions like black cats, knocking on wood, crossing your fingers, walking under ladders, broken mirrors, full moons, etc. But I have a few other quirky things that I believe in.


– I will NOT pick a penny up off the ground unless it’s head up.
– I won’t pick up ANY other money off the ground (unless it’s a heads up penny) because I’m afraid something bad will happen to me for being greedy.
– I make wishes on fallen eyelashes, every time.
– I believe that you MUST eat a piece of birthday cake at ANY birthday party or it’s bad luck for the birthday person.
– I get in bed every night on one side, and out of bed every morning on the other side.
– I say “blessed be thy name” if someone says the Lords name in vain (even though I’m not super religious…)
– I have a few different routes I can take home but I take the same way almost every time out of fear that the ONE time I don’t take my normal route something bad will happen.
– I have to pray every night for my family and friends and do the sign of the cross twice.
– I turn my phone alarm on and off 4 or 5 times in a row just to “double check” that it is set for the correct time.
– I will not wear an outfit again if something bad happened when I wore it.

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3 thoughts on “Superstitious vs. OCD – Blogtober

  1. I check the alarm on my phone a stupid amount of times too. Omg, it's so annoying but I feel compelled to do it. & I'm the same way with clothes! I was wearing a specific sweatshirt the night by grandpa passed away and haven't worn it since =/ & I love the birthday cake one though.. great excuse to eat those calories 🙂


  2. I am going to adopt the birthday cake superstition, but for selfish reasons because I just like cake. I definitely do the eyelash one too! When I was making my list, I had the same thought that maybe these aren't superstitions but just OCD tendencies!


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