Spiders are Asshats – and Blogtober Pet Peeves

I almost broke my car window this afternoon because an asshole spider decided to break into my car and descend off its webby ass hair into my peripheral vision as I was driving. My first thought was to crash the car into the brick building ahead of me but thankfully I thought better and managed to avoid that cluster f*** by just punching the window.

I missed the spider with my first punch, obviously. So then had to repeatedly slap the window as I was driving down a busy street.

Have I mentioned that I hate spiders?

Moving on, I totally slacked with Blogtober the past few days. I had every intention of completing all 31 prompts..  but then life happened. More on that at another time..

Today we are talking about Pet Peeves. I wrote something along the lines of this before so go read that one first, please..

K. Thanks.

I am a very irritable person and I even piss myself off on a daily basis.. so yeah, I do have quite a few pet peeves. Including:

– People who use the word seen incorrectly: “I seen you the other day.” No, no you did not “seen” me anywhere.

– People who call me when they are eating. Rude.

– Feet and toes. AND when people say “toe nails” Gross.

– Other drivers. All of them.

– Loud chewers. It’s actually a disorder.. I swear. (Misophonia)

– An unmade bed will drive me to drink.

– PEOPLE WHO ORDER FOOD ITEMS IN THE DUNKIN DONUTS DRIVE THRU! GO IN THE STORE! I just want my large black coffee!!!!! It’s okay if you order a donut or bagel in the drive thru.. that’s acceptable since its easy to prepare.. but if you order sandwiches or a dozen donuts I may get out of my car and hit you. I’m in a rush! MOVE IT.

– Bored stay at home moms that troll on Facebook all day. Get a job or go play with your kid.

– TV shows starting at 10pm. I wake up at 5:30am for work.. I am exhausted by 10pm and just want to wind down and not get super amped up about American Horror Story or TeenMom2.. (read: I’m old.)

– The couple that writes “ZOMG I love you so much! etc etc etc” on each others Facebook. You don’t need to announce and/or address it to all of Facebook. You look like an asshole.

I promise I am not a mean person.. I am just very irritable.

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5 thoughts on “Spiders are Asshats – and Blogtober Pet Peeves

  1. I hate the sound of people chewing too! It makes me so self-conscious when I think I am chewing loud, and I don't understand how others don't hear themselves chewing loudly! Ditto to being an irritable person…I swear I am trying to be better!


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