Favorite Childhood Memory

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Fun fact: I have a terrible memory. I got in the car the other day to drive to the grocery store for milk and as I was driving to the store I forgot where I was going and why. I don’t remember the endings to movies a couple months after watching them. Same goes for books. So it should be no suprise that my memory failed me from the time it took me to click on Helene’s blog to read today’s prompt to then head over to my blog and start typing. I quickly started typing up my FAVORITE childhood memory rather than FUNNIEST memory… so here is my Favorite Childhood Memory:

As I was trying to think of my favorite memory my mind was filled with flashbacks:

– Spending summers with my sisters in our backyard pool.
– Riding in a wagon that my Dad pulled around the yard with a small John Deere tractor.
– Riding bikes in the giant parking lot across the street.
– Backyard fires and ghost stories.
– The time Dad took us fishing and anytime we got a “bite” we’d let go of our pole because we were scared of what we’d reel in.
– The huge family parties.
– The Christmas my parents surprised us with a computer.
– Getting an appointment card for contact lenses for my 13th birthday (I had those HUGE round glasses since 3rd grade and couldn’t wait for contacts.)
– Going to my best friend’s summer cottage on the lake.

There are a ton more but what I realized is that the majority of the memories involved my family. I was pretty stoked about that. As these flashbacks kept playing one memory stuck out the most – when my brother (Jon) was born. I was actually a young teen (about 12 years old) but I still consider that my childhood. I can remember exactly how my parents told us they were pregnant which is shocking – considering the terrible memory thing.

They took us outside to the patio and sat us down on the picnic table where they told us mom was pregnant. We had the normal reactions of shock, denial, and a few “Are you guys kidding? Seriously? No.. Come on. Stop. No way.” We were excited but also scared since this was a COMPLETE shock/unplanned pregnancy.

I don’t remember much of Mom being pregnant but I do remember the day Mom and Dad went to the doctor for a check up.. and then the phone call from Dad telling us that they were staying there and having a baby that day. That night as we were sleeping the phone rang and woke us up – Dad telling us Jon was born and healthy.

Dad drove home the next day to pick us up and bring us to the hospital to see Mom and meet our brother.

The second he was born it was as though he was always apart of the family. Everything just clicked. Everything was so much more fun. We had this adorable little baby boy to nurture and adore. Plus all the cool little Hot Wheels cars and Spiderman figures – something foreign to 4 girls with a massive collection of Barbie’s.

He is going to be 16 years old this January and even now when I look at him I still picture that tiny little baby that completely changed our world. He’d probably punch me in the arm for calling him my “favorite memory” but oh well, I’m the big sister so I can do what I want.

Pee Wee Football Age Jon

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Childhood Memory

  1. You have a huge family Nancy! Five kids..holy! I love the idea of a big family. Although, it will probably just remain an idea. I can't imagine having five babies.. like, physically giving birth five times. lol!


  2. Oh my gosh! You sound like me and my terrible memory. My MoH totally called me out during her toast to me at my wedding too… But what an awesome memory to have. I've never been able to experience being a big sister, as I was the last baby. That's a really sweet story.


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