Favorite Halloween Memories

Helene in Between Blogtober

Blogtober Day 9 and we are talking about Halloween! More specifically, our favorite and worst Halloween Memories.

Growing up my parents made every Holiday a big deal – Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, News Years. Even our birthdays they treated like Holidays and every Holiday we celebrated with parties, food and family. My Mom always decorated with outdoor flags, window decals and various yard ornaments. We would bake cookies and grocery shop for days leading up to the event. I loved it. I still do.

I think my favorite Halloween memories are the ones when I was younger. When my dad would build a scary dummy out of his old shirts and jeans, fill them with leaves and newspapers and then top it off with a scary mask before displaying it in the yard with a spotlight hovering over it. Those dummies were terrifying as a kid. We would play a “scary sounds” CD of ghosts howling, doors creaking and uncontrollable clown laughter for when the neighbor kids would come to the house trick or treating – many times the kids were too scared to walk up to the house.

 I can’t remember every costume I wore when I was younger but I’m certain they involved the normal cat, vampire, witch, etc. One year I remember being a princess and having to wear sweat pants under the outfit and a coat over my sparkly dress because it snowed on Halloween night (gotta love NEPA..)

I especially loved when we carved pumpkins. I laugh thinking about it now because .. my poor Dad. He had to help carve aka carve out 4 individual pumpkins for me and my 3 sisters who were all screaming and fighting over the carving tools while playing around with the pumpkin guts.  He was a Saint for dealing with us and I’m sure those days earned him a “GET INTO HEAVEN FREE CARD.”

I think it’s so strange that I don’t have a specific favorite memory involving Halloween since I love it so much. I think a big part of me loving this Holiday is that I like the mystic and mystery of ghosts, goblins and ghouls. I just think it’s fun to pretend and play which makes this such a great Holiday. 
Ironically, I only dressed up 1 time in college (sexy devil, duh) and 2 times as an “adult” (little red riding hood and a dirtbike racer.) I think I’m afraid of people judging me (the old lady in a Halloween costume who’s trying to act young) even though it EVERYONE dresses up and goes out to the bars in town. Maybe this year I’ll partake… we’ll see.

As of now, I don’t have a worst Halloween memory. I love the Holiday so much that even if I did have one.. I probably twisted it into something good.

I need to raid my mom’s house for some old Halloween photos.. if I find some I’ll update this but for the time being.. here are my 3 documented Halloween costumes.


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3 thoughts on “Favorite Halloween Memories

  1. Is that you as a Bavarian girl? I was one of those one Halloween. I've never thought of being a dirtbike rider though. Probably because it wouldn't be a costume for me since we're always riding, haha. I cannot wait for Halloween. I try to out-do last years costume each year.


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