I Pet a Stingray on Vacation!

Helene in Between Blogtober

Day 7 of Blogtober and we are supposed to talk about our Best and Worst Vacation.. well since I have only been on a handful of vacations I don’t really have a negative experience with one.. so sorry folks.

But.. going through the photos of my favorite vacation was tough. I mean like ouch.. because I want to go back ASAP and I’m not sure when that will be. So that was kind of a negative experience since it felt like rubbing salt in a bloody open wound.

projectrunway breakdown therapy

Moving on. My favorite vacation was last year when we drove down to St. Pete Beach. It was our first beach vacation together and it was amazing. I  would drop everything to move there right now if I could.

Oh yeah – we went to a Tampa Bay Ray MLB game while we were there and they have STINGRAYS! In a pool! That you can touch! I pet a stingray. Well actually, I touched it with my finger and then ran away like a little girl but whatever.

And since that vacation was over a year ago and I don’t remember much of it because.. duh margaritas.. here are a bunch of photos!

St.Pete Beach Florida

St.Pete Beach Florida
St.Pete Beach Florida

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