Dear Nancy In 10 Years – Eat Fruit Loops

Helene in Between Blogtober

Well.. this topic is terrifying and after thinking about how old I’ll be in 10 years I almost threw up my Fruit Loops.
By the way.. Dear Nancy in 10 Years – I hope you still eat Fruit Loops.
I think this is a great topic because it really makes you think- kudos to Helene and Taylor. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow so trying to imagine myself 10 years from now seems impossible. I could be working. Or at home raising babies. Or doing both. Or doing nothing. Who knows!
So much can happen in that time that I feel like I can take this prompt in 15 different directions. But the approach I want to take is to send out happy and positive vibes in hopes that the universe will send happy and positive vibes back to me in the future.
Dear Nancy,
Now that you’re actually old at least your old lady name matches you. I guess that’s a plus.
I’m sure you and Paco are still madly in love acting like teenagers. Don’t ever let that change!

2004.. highschool years

Your kids are absolutely perfect and I’m glad they aren’t completely spoiled rotten. I was worried since.. I mean.. you let the dog sleep on your $2,000 platform king sized bed on a $500 Ralph Lauren bedspread in your 20’s.. I was afraid the kids would sleep on gold plated diamond encrusted bunk beds.

Speaking of kids.. aren’t you glad you waited to have kids until they invented that new baby teleporter machine so you never had to give actual birth since they just teleported out of your body along with all that weight (Hey.. I’m a dreamer.)
I hope you stopped biting your nails because that was a sick and gross habit. But since I know you.. you haven’t stopped and still get acrylics for events and holidays. Unless you finally took your own advice and got that prescription for Xanax. How is that working out? 
I know you were never interested in gym memberships but I’m glad you FINALLY embraced that world. Or at least embraced in the world of hot personal trainers.
Thank God you quit smoking though, that was a disaster waiting to happen. Now work on the wine.. I know you thought that new wine cellar in the basement was a great idea but take it easy.
I’m glad you finally figured out a career that makes you happy – you work too hard to not be doing something that you love. I hope it pays more than you could EVER imagine. But gives you time off to spend with your family
I bet you love that beach house in Florida too.. it was a great investment and I know you and Paco couldn’t be happier. You deserved that.
I hope you worked on the negativity. Sometimes.. you could be a big ol’ Negative Nancy and no one liked that.
Please tell me you’re still funny and sarcastic though. If you lost that facetious edge I’ll be pissed because you were really, really good at that.

Also.. I hope this photo still makes you laugh as much now as it did 10 years ago.

But most importantly.. I hope you are happy. Happy to wake up and live everyday. Life is too short as you know since when this letter reaches you in 10 years I’m sure it’ll feel like it was written just yesterday.
A Happy and Not so Negative Nancy

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4 thoughts on “Dear Nancy In 10 Years – Eat Fruit Loops

  1. I love your idea of a baby teleporter machine…I hope that gets invented soon or I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about childbirth. Lol great take on the prompt! I enjoyed reading. Xo,


  2. HAHAHA! That picture made me literally laugh out loud. It's great. I liked this post! I want to pick all of the things that I liked about it, but that seems a bit cheerleader-y of me. So well done, Ol' Nancy.. and I will just leave it at that!


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