Blogtober Day 3: I Can’t Live Without…

This is a hard one… I am the worst when it comes to answering “What If..” questions. I can never come up with a good answer for “If you can bring ONE item with you on a desert island…” or “What items would you take from your house if it were burning down..” . Knowing me.. I’d panic and grab a can opener and bottle of mouthwash and run out the door.

This is going to sound ridiculous. And obvious.  And stupid. But please hear me out. The one thing I cannot live without is water. Yes. The liquid that makes up 90% or whatever of our bodies.

I feel like that girl from Mean Girls since I’m sure you’re all asking “Who invited this chick who is taking this prompt THAT literally?”

mean girls

It is my favorite drink. I drink it from the moment I wake up until the second I go to bed. When Paco and I drove to Colorado and Florida he warned me not to drink a lot on the way because we couldn’t make 7,000 bathroom stops since I have the bladder of an ant. One of those tiny little black ants the size of a flea. By the time we got there I felt like a shriveled prune. I was sick for days afterwards because my body couldn’t function without my normal amount of liquid consumption. I drink glasses upon glasses of plain water every day. Soda? Juice? Alcohol? Sure, but I’d choose water first.

Okay, so now that I got that out of the way… I’m going to be a cheater and give you ONE other thing I can’t live without.

I would have a really hard time living without my car. I live in a tiny town with one real grocery store and two gas stations that both close at 9 p.m. I need to travel for everything – groceries, work, fun, etc. The closest Wal-mart or mall is 30 – 40 minutes away and we have no public transportation. So without my car.. I’d be screwed.

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8 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 3: I Can’t Live Without…

  1. I am a BIG water drinker as well. It's definitely my favorite liquid. I would pick it over just about anything else to drink (unless I am out for drinks)


  2. I recently discovered I like water. I hated drinking it. I was always getting severely dehydrated. I like it with lemon. It also makes the drink I am addicted to right now which is green tea. Yum! I hope your having a great Friday!


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