I can’t believe I’m not in therapy.. Embarrassing Stories.

I’m no stranger to embarrassment. Sometimes I bring it upon myself. But the truth is, I embarrass myself daily and usually not on purpose. I don’t know why or how, but somehow I manage to do or say something stupid nearly every day. It’s a gift. #blessed. When prompted to talk about my most embarrassingContinue reading “I can’t believe I’m not in therapy.. Embarrassing Stories.”

Superstitious vs. OCD – Blogtober

I love this prompt and I can’t wait to read other posts to see how weird people are in comparison to me. Just kidding (No I’m not.) I always considered myself a very superstitious person but now after brainstorming a list of these quirky things I believe in.. I wonder if I just have OCDContinue reading “Superstitious vs. OCD – Blogtober”

A Letter to My Younger Self.. Blogtober Prompt

Better late than never.. linking with Helene & Taylor for Blogtober. I have often thought about how great it would be to travel back in time to talk to my younger self and tell her to “shut up and relax!” Do you ever look back at the “problems” you thought you had in high schoolContinue reading “A Letter to My Younger Self.. Blogtober Prompt”

Favorite Book – Blogtober #25

I go through stages with reading books. I love reading, I just never seem to make time for it. Currently, I have the following books opened and dog eared but not finished: Mockingjay – the last book of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Darker – the second book of Fifty Shades of Gray, Seriously, I’m KiddingContinue reading “Favorite Book – Blogtober #25”