My First Whiff of the Fall Season

Everyone and their sister has had their panties in a bunch about the impending Fall season for weeks. And I’m sorry to break the news to everyone .. but you were celebrating a little pre-maturely because TODAY, September 22nd, is technically the first day of Autumn according to the calendar.

I love the Fall season and Halloween is even my favorite Holiday but I don’t think I’d say that it is my absolute favorite season of the 4 I am blessed with in NEPA. Summer is by far the best and sadly, it doesn’t last nearly as long as it should.


And while everyone has been embracing the season for over a month already I didn’t get my first feeling of “Fall” until the other day when I took the dog for a walk. I caught of brief whiff of that familiar brisk, but still kind of warm, musty, crinkled dusty leaves aroma. The kind of smell that gets stuck in your nose. It’s such a distinct smell, I could recognize it anywhere. It made me wonder if other people have that smell? Obviously people in my part of PA and NY. Maybe it’s not that special, but it made me feel nostalgic. Like I would actually miss that smell if I couldn’t experience it again.

I tried to think of other telltale signs of Fall.

Obviously, the shorter days /dark mornings are a sign and it’s my LEAST favorite. Rolling out of bed at 5:30 a.m. in September when it’s pitch black hurts your soul when all summer you awoke to the sun peaking over the tree tops in a beautiful pink and yellow mixed hazy horizon. 5:30 a.m. is absolutely beautiful then.

Also, the changing of the leaves. Here in PA it seems to happen overnight. Before you can even fully comprehend that the summer season is winding down and before you can say “Wow, the leaves are starting to change” they’ve already fallen into a crunchy blanket over yards and sidewalks throughout town. When I was younger, I remember magnificent displays of bright orange, red, and yellow leaves splattered across the mountainsides but as I’ve gotten older they all seem to be dark reds and browns. Anyone else notice that? Or do we not perceive colors as bright when we’re older?

Clothing is another sign. And I don’t mean shopping for sweaters and boots. I mean when you’re trying to decide what to wear out on a date. You know it’s too cold for that coral summer dress or those cut off shorts but you say “F* it” and decide to wear them “one last time” because subconsciously you know you won’t be able to wear them again until next year.

And how about when you do finally succumb to the fact that you have to wear pants or jeans and as you’re walking outside the cold wind stings the front of your thighs. And when you start wearing scarves for the purpose of keeping your ears and neck warm rather than just a fashion accessory.

What are some telltale signs of Fall where you live?

But back to the point of pre-mature celebrating..

Marketing companies have convinced us to start celebrating seasons and Holidays way too early which doesn’t allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the here-and-now. So let’s try enjoy each day of each season and not rush onto the next thing the second Hallmark or Starbucks tells us to.

Sincerely and Sarcastically,


2 thoughts on “My First Whiff of the Fall Season

  1. So funny that you mention the smell of fall. No joke, last night I told my husband Rob to go outside to the top step of our deck. So he did and I told him to take a big whiff. It smelt soooooo much like Fall at that particular moment. I know exactly what smell you're talking about. He said it was because we were having a fire in the house, and I could smell it outside, which could be true but it was a great smell. I could bottle it up it smelt so good.


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