Got a Secret.. Got to Keep it.

Secret blogging.


Oooooo, so scandalous sounding.

In reality, no it isn’t scandalous at all. But for someone like me who has a hard time throwing themselves out into the public eye.. its pretty terrifying (see how that PR and Journalism degree is working out for me?) Plus, people just suck and love to tear down others, remember?

Even in high school or college I was always nervous about giving my speech or presenting my project because I didn’t want people to hate my ideas or think I’m an idiot. I was always too afraid to ask my professors to review my papers before the due date because I didn’t want them to tell me: “This is complete shit, start over, or you’ll fail!” Granted.. I never ran into a situation like that, but the thought was ALWAYS there. Even if I LOVED my idea or project I would overthink it to death and then ultimately ruin any confidence I had on the topic.

So in a way, I guess that fear of people hating things that I create has never escaped me. And ironically.. it’s easier to put things online for complete strangers to see rather than family and friends.

However, I don’t think half of my family or friends would understand a “blog.” It sounds pretty nerdy to me, so I can’t imagine trying to explain “I write on the internet for strangers to see!” It sounds a little odd and like I’m asking for my identity to be stolen.

I’ve read of others who don’t share their blog with family or friends because they don’t want their “voice” to change and I totally get that. I think we filter ourselves enough so why not let loose and speak our mind when we want on a secret platform?

But, I should probably share this with the fiancé, eh?

HI PACO! Don’t get mad if I talk about you sometimes.

Sincerely and Sarcastically,


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