Basically.. I hate hoodies

Isn’t it funny how the mind works? I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday but hearing one word brought back vivid memories of college. 

The other day I heard someone continuously say the word “basically” and I instantly went back to my college Journalism class. Sitting in a cold room lined with computers, 20+ students and my professor going on about his hatred of the word “basically.” He explained that it brought no meaning to any sentence because its just a pointless filler word and that we should never use it, ever.
I couldn’t help but laugh because to this day I still don’t use that word.
A few examples of “words” that irk me:

My sister is the one that pointed out to me how annoying this word is and she is right. I hate saying it. And I hate when other people say it. They were called “sweatshirts” before this term was created and I won’t call them hoodies.

How the hell are you supposed to pronounce that? I don’t know and I bet you are self conscious about saying it too. I say “Q-pon” and I hate when people say “COO-pon.

Enough said. It sounds dirty regardless of how you’re using the word.

Any word…

..that Giada de Laurentiis tries to say with an Italian accent.
Watch the Food Network or Google her cooking show. You’ll understand why she makes me want to claw at my ear drums when she says: Mozzarella, Spa-GET-TEE and Ricotta.


I grew up pronouncing this “mElk” which I know is incorrect. Someone pointed it out to me in high school (Why did no one tell me earlier?) and now I have to make a conscious effort to not pronounce it with an “e.

Have you ever been in a situation where you pronounce this Pee-CAN and then someone loudly says the same thing back to you but only to correct you and call it Pee-CON? No? Just me?
Same goes for:

I say car-mel but always seem to get corrected when someone calls it car-a-mel.

This isn’t a word.. but a sound
If you lick food of your fingers and make the sucking sound I hope you get attacked by a pack of rabid wolves. That sound is unnecessary. Seriously. You can remove the food with a napkin but if you must lick it off – it can be done without a sound I promise. I know because I can do this without making that sound.

What words do you not like?


3 thoughts on “Basically.. I hate hoodies

  1. Found you through Whitney's and Erin' link up and since you have me smiling here at my computer at work reading this post(and now looking like an ididot, thanks btw)I am now your newest follower!


  2. When assholes pronounce the \”eCspecially\”…there isn't even a C there…it is pronounced just like it is spelled \”es-pe-cial-ly\”!


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