My Fiance’s Other Woman

I don’t have a problem with sharing. Hell, I think I’m pretty good at sharing and I can attribute that to growing up with 4 other siblings. I don’t mind if someone wants to borrow a purse or shirt or even if they put their hand in my box of Cheese Itz while we watch a movie.

But lately, this whole idea of sharing has been taken to a new level because I feel like I am sharing something very personal.. someone I love.. my fiancé.

Without intending to sound dramatic, he was kind of stolen. By another woman.

Actually, she is just a girl. Too young to understand that what she is doing could cause serious repercussions. But nonetheless, it’s still hurtful. When it all started, I thought maybe it was just a phase and surely it would end before any real damage was done.

But now, I realize that everything has just changed so much. I am no longer the priority. I can see but more importantly, feel it. To make matters worse, he brings her to work and then comes home smelling like her too.

The real tip of the iceberg was when he started to allow her in our bed. OUR bed. Sharing a bed with another girl is something I never could have imagined myself to do. But here I am. It’s shameful. I’ve gotten to the point where I have no options but to just turn my head.

She is gorgeous though so I don’t blame him…..

While I am jealous of the love they have for each other I love her just as much, please don’t call PETA on me..

Sincerely and Sarcastically,


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