Random Facts – Part II

I love reading the About Me/Random Facts posts on blogs therefore I figure everyone else does. So enjoy, or else.

1) I’ve never had coffee from Starbucks. Please don’t leave the page! Sorry. I understand that is shocking. How does someone go 27 years without venturing into the mecca of all beverage places? Not sure. But I only drink black coffee.. so I can’t imagine they have much for me to see.

2) I just tried frozen yogurt for the first time last month.
(AND IT TASTES NOTHING LIKE YOGURT! What kind of wizardry is that?!

3) One of my AIM screen names used to be PleasureKitten86……….
I saw the name on a Hot Topic book bag patch. It was black pleather with red cursive stitching. I was completely ignorant. But popular with the cyber creepers!

4) One time I yelled so loud in my mom’s house that the dining room lights turned on – lights that were previously “broken” and hadn’t worked in years. I scared my little brother to death. To this day everyone jokes about it, but secretly I know they’re terrified. As am I. We’ll just keep blaming it on faulty wiring…

5) I took two years of Spanish in high school and can’t speak a word of it.

6) I collect dirt. Yes.. like dirt from the ground. Paco and I never went on a vacation together until the Summer of 2012. So when we decided to drive to Colorado from Pennsylvania (he drove all the way there and back because I can’t drive standard..) I thought it would be cool to stop and collect dirt from each state we passed through. I planned on displaying the different layers of dirt in a large vase-type-thing to show how many states we went through and the different colors of the dirt. I did the same thing on our drive down to Florida last summer. And all the dirt is currently in little zip-lock bags in my coat closet… I still haven’t found vases for this said “vase project” #slacker

Sincerely and Sarcastically,


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