Things That Make Me Stabby – Copied

I’ve seen this post on a couple other blogs and they had me laughing hysterically (I just had to google how to spell that because Blogger kept telling me to spell it with an “A” – that made me stabby before I even started). If you wrote a post about this, please comment so I can reference your page!

Update!!!: I remember where I saw a post like this: The Other Juliette’s blog.. SO funny. Please go read it.

Truthfully it doesn’t take much to get on my nerves… and sometimes these things are little nothings and other times they seem so big and problematic that they make me question the entire workings of the universe. Here’s a few:

annoyed, modern family, stabby

1 – Spelling hysterically in Blogger. Blogger wanted me to spell it “Hystarically”.. BLOGGER, NO, FAIL

2 – The girl who has her wedding planned who isn’t even dating. Sorry not sorry – grow up.

3 – Speaking of weddings.. WHY DO THEY COST MORE THAN A HOUSE?!

4 – When you’re scrolling through Facebook and the app freezes and you have to GO BACK and find where you left off………

5 – Read # 4 and replace “Facebook” with “Twitter”

6 – When you jump in the shower and forget to grab a towel.

7 – When you go to the grocery store for chicken and they are out of chicken. All the chicken gone. ZERO PIECES OF CHICKEN ANYTHING.  #smalltownproblems

8 – When I’m stopped at a red light or stop sign behind a line of cars and I inch up a little and the car behind me follows and inches up too. GET OFF ME.

9 – How Subway 6 inch subs cost just as much as the $5 foot long. Seriously my 6inch Turkey and American  cheese sub costs $4.25+tax when a foot long is $5. HOW?! I’m not some fancy math-scientist (obviously) but that doesn’t make sense to me. Sure I could get the foot long but I don’t want that much fake processed meat.

10 – How the tiniest, minuscule shaving cut on your leg bleeds more than a gunshot wound.

What makes you stabby?

Sincerely and Sarcastically,


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Stabby – Copied

  1. Forgetting to grab a towel… classic !! I know someone that hates the word pet peeve. Soooo.. I said to her; your pet peeve is people that use the word pet peeve? LOLFruit flies taking over the house make me stabby!


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