You’d think after writing multiple “first posts” they’d get easier. But obviously that is not the case since I’m struggling trying to figure out what I want to say.
I’ve tried to blog many times in recent years. I get the itch to write, or create something so I hop online and start messing around with blogger only to quit a few days/weeks later because I have no idea what I’m doing.
Not sure what I’m hoping to accomplish with this, but I guess we’ll find out.

2 thoughts on “First

  1. Okay, so the last comment that didn't matter.. showed up. Lucky me. What I wrote in my original comment was– I got really into blogging when I was on maternity leave. I had the time and I used it to read up on other blogs and to really think up some good posts. But now, life got busy and I find it pretty hard to get on here and read other blogs. My point is, that I've always enjoyed your blog. I hope that is a little bit of encouragement for you to write your 'second' sometime soon. ;)Haley


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